Ayaz nAts Akhmetshin: Phantom or Vandal?

Ayaz nAts Akhmetshin: Phantom or Vandal?

The Valorant player Ayaz nAts Akhmetshin, who helped Gambit Esports win, talks about the age-old debate: Ghost or Vandal?

Ayaz nAts Akhmetshin: Being comfortable is very important.

The Phantom vs. Vandal choice for nAts comes down to one question: “Which gun will be more comfortable for you?” Each has pros and cons, and the key is to find the one that works best for the way you play.

Ayaz nAts Akhmetshin: The Benefits of Phantom


  • Versatility: It’s great for fights at medium to close range because it lets you make bold moves and flank.
  • Control: Lower recoil makes it easier to control the bullet spray pattern of the gun because it is easier to control.
  • Silent shots and bullet tracers that can’t be seen make the Phantom perfect for sneaking up on enemies and blasting them with smoke.


  • Range Limitation: It does less damage at longer ranges, so it’s not as good for fighting from far away.
  • The Vandals’ Long-Range Power


  • Consistent Damage: Headshots kill instantly from any distance because the damage doesn’t drop off.
  • Range Advantage: Great for long-range battles and works best on maps with wide sightlines.


  • Recoil Challenge: Spraying with a gun that has a higher recoil can be hard to control, so you need to aim more precisely.
  • Visibility: There are no silent bullet tracers, so enemies can see shots through smoke.

The numbers speak louder.

  • Phantom: Give 30 shots and 2,900 credits.

Ayaz nAts Akhmetshin: Ahead shots:

  • 156 damage at 0 to 15 meters (rapid kill)
  • From 16 to 30 meters: 140 damage
  • From 31 to 50 meters: 124 damage

Shots of the body:

  • 39 damage from 0 to 15 meters
  • From 16 to 30 meters: 35 damage
  • From 31 to 50 meters, 31 damage

Vandal: You have 2,900 credits and 25 shots.

  • Shots of the head and body:
  • 156 damage to the head or 39 damage to the body from any distance

Ayaz nAts Akhmetshin: Nats’ Wise Words

nAts says it’s important to commit to learning either the Phantom or the Vandal. “In Valorant, it is better to focus on using one weapon,” he says. But you should practice with the other gun every once in a while, because you might need to use it to pick up the first one from the ground.

What Maps Mean

The map may also affect your pick of Phantom or Vandal. Ats says to choose the Vandal on Breeze and Icebox, where gunfights over long distances happen more often. Think about how you play and the angles you’ll be holding.

Thoughts for Agents

The people you pick are also important. Because controller agents use smoke and tend to stand at close range, Nats suggests the Phantom. On the other hand, the Vandal might be the best choice for people who want agents with long-range range.

Whether you’re a SLOT GAMPANG MENANG, Phantom or Vandal fan, the most important thing is to find what makes you feel good and fits the way you play. Have fun fragging!